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The Beginning

Ardas is a very important and deeply rooted practise in the Sikh faith. Sikhs believe it has a lot of meaning in their lives and is a deep way to connect with God. We will talk about the history, structure, and meaning of Ardas in this piece, which will shed light on this beautiful part of Sikh religion.

What does Ardas mean?

For people of the Sikh faith, ardas, which means “prayer” or “supplication,” is a way to talk to God with deep respect. It’s a way for Sikhs to say thank you, ask for help, and keep the holy in their minds every day. People say Ardas with a lot of love, both alone and with a group.

Why Ardas Is Important

Ardas is very important to Sikhs. This is a strong sign of faith and loyalty. Sikhs believe that the divine is present in all parts of life through Ardas. It’s a way to ask the Almighty for help, safety, and strength.

Origins in History

In the time of Guru Nanak, the father of Sikhism, Ardas was first made. This beautiful tradition was started by Guru Nanak, who stressed the value of prayer and being thankful. Ardas has changed and grown over the years to become an important part of Sikh faith practises.

How Ardas Is Put Together

Ardas is meant to be an organised prayer, not a repetitive chant. It starts with an invocation to God, and then it talks about the sacrifices made by Sikh Gurus and victims. In the prayer, people also ask for the health and happiness of all people.

What Ardas Does in Sikhism

For Sikhs, Ardas is more than just a ceremony; it’s a way of life. In a way, it helps them remember their ideals and beliefs. It encourages the Sikh community to be kind to others, treat everyone equally, and stick together.

Instructions on How to Do Ardas

To do Ardas, you have to stand with your hands folded, focus on God, and say the prayer with all your heart. It is a group activity that is often done in Gurdwaras (Sikh temples) to ask for blessings for everyone in the community and the world.

Ardas in the Present Day

Even in our busy world, Ardas is still a place where Sikhs can find peace. It gives them a moment of connection with God in the middle of all the chaos in their lives and helps them find peace and strength when things are hard.

Ardas in Several Languages

The traditional Ardas is sung in Punjabi, but Sikhs all over the world do it in their own languages. Its lesson is relevant to all Sikhs, no matter where they come from, because it is open to everyone.

Ardas and Strong Community

Ardas is an important part of making Sikhs feel like they are part of a group. When done together, it brings them together in prayer, making a strong bond that goes beyond countries and differences.

Ardas and Mindfulness

Ardas isn’t just a way to ask for gifts; it’s also a way to meditate. Sikhs are told in the prayer to think about their deeds and try to get better.

Ardas are found in Sikh Gurdwaras.

Gurdwaras are the centre of Sikhism, and Ardas is an important part of being in a Gurdwara. In Sikh churches, the beginning and end of group prayers are marked by the reading of Ardas.

Commonly Held False Ideas

Some people have the wrong idea about Ardas. It’s not a list of things you want, but a humble prayer to God. It looks for direction and power, putting an emphasis on being humble and selfless.

Ardas’s Power

Its power comes from being sincere. Sikhs think that their prayers are heard and answered when they connect with God through Ardas. It gives comfort, hope, and a reason to live.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Ardas is an important and holy practise in Sikhism. For Sikhs, it is a deep way to connect with God, ask for benefits, and remember what they believe in. Ardas’s strength lies in its ability to bring people together and give them comfort in a busy world.



  1. Can people who aren’t Sikhs do Ardas?

Yes, anyone can do Ardas as a way to pray and meditate, but it has its roots in Sikh practise.

  1. What does it mean to fold your hands during Ardas?

When you talk to God, folding your hands shows that you respect and are humble.

  1. Is Ardas only said in Gurdwaras?

No, Ardas can be done by one person or in any place of prayer. Gurdwaras often have Ardas for the whole crowd.

  1. Does Ardas look different in different Sikh sects?

Even though different Sikh groups may say the Ardas in slightly different ways, the main word stays the same.

  1. How can Ardas help people in their everyday lives?

This piece went into great detail about the important religious practise of Ardas in Sikhism. Its history, structure, and the important part it plays in Sikhs’ lives were all looked at. Ardas is more than just a prayer. It’s a way for people to connect with God, a way to remember ideals, and a way for the Sikh community to stay strong and united. This means that the next time you see Ardas being read, you’ll have a better idea of what it means.

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